Michelle Jean Studio

Self taught, Michelle is constantly learning, and draws her inspiration from all that surrounds her, both the spectacular and the quiet beauty in the mundane. She believes it’s possible to find inspiration anywhere and in anything, and to allow the universe to utilize you as a conduit by which to express itself. With this philosophy in mind, Michelle doesn’t overthink her art, but rather allows it to flow naturally and intuitively, to achieve an expression of feeling...more

Pieces of Me

Each patch of canvas in these paintings represent a part of my life, each choice, each decision, each one leading to the next chapter of my life.  Sometimes hanging on by just a thread, the smallest choices can have the biggest impact. A patch, a string, some glue to hold it all together.  This is my life, this is me, this is one choice leading to another, my path somehow connected to yours, right here in this moment.