Three years ago, Michelle gathered the art supplies she had in her home and sat down to create. The product of a quiet afternoon resulted in a painting that won an art contest on Minted, and heralded the beginning of a life changing journey for Michelle.


Leaving her corporate job and embarking on an adventure of over 8 months traveling through Europe and the UK, Michelle travelled with only her bicycle and whatever she could carry. As she enjoyed life’s simplicity and living in the moment, Michelle gained clarity and insight - no matter what, she wanted to pursue her passion for art, and share that love with others.


Michelle’s mind runs with a million ideas at once, tumbling over each other and tangling in their effort to get out. This serves to explain her love for different mediums and materials, as they allow a full spectrum of feelings, textures and outcomes to be achieved depending on mood and method, as well as endless experimentation.


Self taught, Michelle is constantly learning, and draws her inspiration from all that surrounds her, both the spectacular and the quiet beauty in the mundane. She believes it’s possible to find inspiration anywhere and in anything, and to allow the universe to utilize you as a conduit by which to express itself. With this philosophy in mind, Michelle doesn’t overthink her art, but rather allows it to flow naturally and intuitively, to achieve an expression of feeling.


Her goal is to create art which evokes emotion in people – sometimes calming, sometimes mysterious, sometimes erotic. Art as a means of expression tells a story that words cannot. The visual aspect allows a singular interpretation for each individual with a nuance that can only be felt by the beholder as a result of their own perception. For people to simply feel, rather than seek to analyze or understand, is the desired outcome – not everything requires figuring out.


Michelle has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and graphic design. She lives in San Diego with her dogs Nvaya and Georgie.


Michelle’s art is available in the form of art prints at Minted, greeting cards at Target and Pottery Barn Kids and photography at West Elm. She shows original paintings in galleries throughout San Diego, large custom pieces in businesses, and a range of work in her online store. Her artwork has been featured on HGTV, Desert Flippers. For custom orders or any questions regarding Michelle’s art, click contact in main menu.